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Collagenics are the Nations largest and most trusted name in injectable medical treatments, with a national team of medical professionals renowned for a high level of treatments to all clients. A reputation gained from 15 years of high quality service..

View a live Treatment VideoWhen considering any type of treatment it is essential that you have trust in the team you choose.
At Collagenics you can be assured of:

  • Highly qualified medical practitioners
  • Specifically trained practitioners experienced in Aesthetic treatments
  • Brand leading products and treatments of high quality (licensed and tested)
  • After care support with national help line
  • Comfort of national reputation

Collagenics are the nation’s leader in Aesthetic non surgical cosmetic treatments. Our fully trained, insured and professional medics operate in 400 clinics nationwide, and with our elite management support team, totalling over 35 years experience in the beauty industry, you can be sure of not only the best procedure but the full support and aftercare of all of our staff.

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Collagenics opens new Franchise operation in the Glamour capital of the UK


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Saks, The Uk's leading Hair and Beauty Franchise
  • The nationwide professionals bringing aesthetic non-surgical beauty treatments to clinics across the UK and Ireland.

Deciding to have a medical non surgical treatment such as Botulinum Toxin, Restylane etc is an important decision so you need to be confident that you are in safe hands. You need to trust the person that you go to. Collagenics is renowned for reliable, experienced medical nurses and doctors offering aesthetic medical treatments. Founded by Stephanie McGrath, Collagenics has established itself as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of these services. Non Surgical Solutions, with clinics throughout the UK & Ireland.

All our aesthetic services are performed in the UK by experienced medical professionals; our nurses and doctors are some of the most experienced in the business. All our non surgical treatments are performed in our network of Clinics by our team of highly trained Cosmetic Doctors and Nurses. The premises are regularly assessed and approved by the Healthcare Commission.

Non Surgical Solutions - We all know that the secret to beautiful skin starts with a healthy diet, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle. However, the inevitable effects of ageing combined with the additional factors of sun exposure, smoking, poor diet and stress all eventually take their toll.

Botulinum Toxin, Dysport, Xeomin are all types of a licensed drug used to relax the lines caused by expression.

Skin Peels - Many skin problems are associated with an excessive build up of dead skin cells, which make the skin thick and dull, usually clogging the pores. Skin peels can offer a revolutionary way to effectively treat ageing skin, acne, reduce sun damage and hyper pigmentation.

Dermal Fillers - Dermal fillers (such as Collagen, Restylane and Teosyal), are popular treatments for wrinkles and facial lines.

Cinderella kiss Teosayl Meso is a super-safe, non-cross linked Hylaronic acid (the moisturizing agent that’s present naturally in the skin) that’s injected into the lips to give them all the softness and fullness you’ll love without the commitment: that’s because the non-stabilised ingredient is absorbed into your skin after just 14 days.

Thread Vein Removal - Thread veins are extremely common and sometimes embarrassing, mostly affecting the face, body and legs. The causes of thread veins are unknown although they may be caused by changes in temperature, smoking, hormonal changes, alcohol and prolonged standing as well as being a possible inherited condition. At Collagenics, we offer both the non surgical techniques of Sclerotherapy to combat thread veins.

Skin products – Dermaheal 2 Weeks Miracle a 2 week Anti – ageing program for boosting the look of aging skin. MActive range of Cosmecutical skin care is a fabulous regime of products that are easy to use, simple formula with great results.

There are other associated products with the industry such as Collagen, Sculptra, Newfil, Soft Max, Radiensse, Bolotero to name a few. At Collagenics we will inform you and recommend the best most suitable product to create your desired effect

Hormone testing clinics. For natural approaches to balancing hormones effectively you can check out our advanced medical hormone testing clinic to see the extent of your hormone imbalance. you can check out our health professional quality range of products, which have extensive clinical studies to back them.

Bio identical hormone products prescribed according to your test results and medical recommendation.

Natural Progesterone, we know that it's progesterone that affects our hearts, our blood vessels, our nerves, our brains and our oestrogen activity, which is why its decline can produce a lot of dramatic effects. Natural progesterone is the only known replacement hormone that does not suppress or prevent the body's own production. Progesterone is a building block for testosterone and oestrogen thus helping to bring hormonal balance once more. This product plus others are available in our hormone testing clinics now.