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Lip Enhancement

For many people a fuller and more sensuous mouth comes high on their wish list. With dermal fillers, you can enjoy a more pronounced mouth or a soft pouting look with the body’s own material.

Lip augmentation can be carried out in two steps;

Pouting and Contouring  -  to creative a more pronounced mouth and fuller lips, the dermal filler is injected into the inside of the upper and/or lower lip by injecting gel along the lip line. Redefining this edge leads to a more youthful and appealing look. It also prevents lipstick ‘bleeding’ into the small lines around the lips. The lines that go up towards the nose (philtrum ridges) can be defined by injecting the gel into them.  To achieve the optimal result, a combination of these steps are often used.  For client comfort we recommend an anaesthetic injection prior to lip augmentation.  This is included in the price.

After the injection, the lips often become a little swollen. This means that the result you see directly after the treatment may not be your final result. The swelling typically resolves spontaneously within a few days or up to a week.  This treatment usually lasts between 6—12 months.

Collagenics practitioners recommend the specialist lip products from leading manufacturers who have used their cutting edge technology to produce a natural lip enhancing product with real staying power.  Creating desirable youthful natural lips, with no tell tale ‘bleeding’ lip lines

Kiss or Lipp are non animal hyaluronic gels especially manufactured for defining contouring and revitalising your lips. This enhances and hydrates the lips for a beautiful natural pout.  Also used for mouth corners and for treating wrinkles around the mouth

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